Learn to cross happiness and sorrow on the long river of ups and downs life.


The Windows system of the new notebook feels very difficult to use. Linux is still comfortable to use. Because of the driver, linux can only be used in virtual machines.

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by mohamed_hassan

If you are too tired, just lie down and be a peaceful and stretchy person!

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If you bloom, the breeze will come

It’s time to say goodbye to 2021, I feel that time flies, and thank you for growing up with me. Hello 2022, I hope we have a good cooperation.

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Stop, COVID-19

Caddy 2 is a whole new code base, written from scratch, to improve on Caddy 1. Caddy 2 is not backwards-compatible with Caddy 1. But don’t worry, for most basic setups, not much is different.

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Everyday A Good Day

2020 is a busy year, fortunately, the flags i set at the beginning of the year have been achieved. I applaud myself.


My work changed in this year, i feel busy and tired more than last years. Tomorrow is Qixi festival, chinese valentine’s day.

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KMS Server

I see many version of OpenWRT contained the plugin KMS service, so that the office or Windows in the LAN can be activated automatically.

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