R7800 Use TFTP To Flash Firmware

I have been using the R7800 for two years, most of the time it belongs to the neglected existence. Occasionally I will be unconscious and suddenly press the reset button to restore the factory settings. As a result, the router’s management page cannot be opened after the router restarts.


This kind of sudden failure to enter the Web page, repeatedly pressing the reset button will not help, we can only offer the ultimate magic weapon TFTP.

This method works for Netgear R7800:

  • Flash the original firmware (.img format)
  • Flash third-party firmware (.img format)

Ready to work

One. TFTP Client and R7800 firmware

  1. TFTP client for flashing Router Firmware.
  • Windows: download TFTP client
  • Linux: Built-in TFTP command line tool
  1. Firmware of Router
  • Original firmware:Netgear R7800 Firmware Download page
  • Third Firmware:Voxel R7800 firmware Download page

Two. Enable TFTP service on the router

  1. Use the wired network card to access the LAN port of the router, set the IP of the PC to, the mask to, and leave the rest empty.
  2. Turn off the router, press and hold the reset button (commonly known as “touch Daisy”), and then power on the router (press the power directly, without waiting for many seconds).
  3. The orange power indicator light for about 5 seconds, then the orange light flashes (6 times), and then the power light flashes white. At this time, you can release the reset button.
  4. Enter the white flashing stage of the power light, the router has entered the recovery mode and the TFTP service is enabled. Now you can use TFTP to flash the machine.

Flash firmware

  1. upload the firmware to router by TFTP.
  • Windows:
    d:\2> tftp -i put R7800-V1.0.2.62.img
    Transfering file R7800-V1.0.2.62.img to server in octet mode..
    Transfering data from
    File R7800-V1.0.2.62.img was Transfered successfully.
    25798785 bytes transfered for 7 seconds, 0 bytes/second.
  • Linux:
    :~$ tftp
    tftp> binary
    tftp> put R7800-V1.0.2.62.img
    Sent 25798785 bytes in 6.9 seconds
    tftp> quit
  1. After uploading, the router ’s power indicator is orange when the firmware is being verified, and white when it is flashing firmware.
  2. After the router’s firmware is successfully flashed, it will automatically restart and the power light will enter the normal signal state.

As long as the R7800 is not completely unresponsive, you can use this method to save it.


  1. The firmware’s default gateway may be different:
  •’s firmware.
  • eaxmple, LEDE of EnShan’s author K.
  • Try it yourself, there are instructions in the general post.
  1. Some third-party firmware lighting settings are not complete (the row of lights on the router), and even 2.4GHz and 5GHz are not turned on by default. You need google to search the method and set it yourself,
  2. Some Windows systems have problems TFTP cannot be used or errors are reported. At this time, please change the computer or reinstall the fully system.