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When converting OTF / TTF fonts to WOFF online, many websites limit the size of uploaded fonts (< 10MB), while the size of Chinese fonts is inherently large, so when using online font format conversion, it is often not possible to convert. Then I thought about converting the fonts locally.

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Eagle looks to the sky by @peteevans, UK
One day i want to upgrade multiple websites in my home to HTTPS, and make a certificate for each domain name? That later maintenance was absolutely troublesome. Fortunately, there is google, and I found that multiple domain names can also be handled with one certificate.

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One day in 2019, a friend asked me “Can you restore the WeChat chat history whicht was deleted by my operation”. I said it was simple. So I picked up my friend’s phone. When I started, I realized how big my cowhide is!

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When HTTPS is enabled on the entire site, we usually redirect HTTP to HTTPS to force users to use the HTTPS protocol. However, the first time user uses the HTTP protocol to visits the website, there is a risk of being hijacked by a middleman. HSTS can currently be used to avoid such risks.

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瀑 布

之前一直在使用 ssh 来做文件存储与分享,因为 SSH 的特殊性,使用非常不便。便想建一个轻便的私人网盘。
经过对开源私有云(ownCloud/nextCloud/kodExplorer/…)的查找、安装、卸载流程,最终留下了德国人 larsjung 开发的 h5ai

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自从用 Hexo 建站后,总想把 hexo-theme-next 的默认 Logo N换掉,直到今天才终于完成了它。
下午我花了点时间亲自做了个 H 的 Logo。在自制 Logo 的过程中才发现一个简简单单的网站 Logo 知识点也不少。特此记录下来,以做备忘。

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加 油
中国电信(China Telecom), 是中国最大的互联服务提供商之一,为互联网用户提供高速稳定的全中国资源访问服务。目前,中国电信骨干网的三大国际出口分别是,北京,上海,广州,全国的出口网络最后都会汇集到这三个出口点。

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Rainbow Reine

by @uglefisk, from AGORA Awards 2019


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Angels by @daydreamerro, Romania

Building and deploying new applications is faster with containers.

Docker containers wrap up software and its dependencies into a standardized unit for software development that includes everything it needs to run: code, runtime, system tools and libraries.

This guarantees that your application will always run the same and makes collaboration as simple as sharing a container image.

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